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I see you by Azmodeus I see you :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 3
suns low lie
I watch this day go strolling by,
Waiting for the suns low lie.
Wondering what the night will bring,
Soft embrace or burning sting.
Stars aflame and glowing bright,
Darkest moon on this crystal night.
Souls blazing in the distance,
Wrists give the razor no resistance.
Molten crimson pours onto the floor,
This lonely shadow alone no more.
Devils dance past my ghostly face,
Heartbeats gently slowing their pace.
Lying here, cold and numb,
Dying here, broken, and undone....
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 2 2
Spinning down
The world is spinning out of control
Think I will go for a little stroll,
Wander the pathways of my distorted mind,
Relive these memories of the disturbed kind.
Childhood of violence, guns and blood
Running frantic through a random neighborhood.
Rampant thoughts of murder bred by mothers sorrowful cries,
Nightmares and dreamscapes of fathers lies, father dies.
Darkness continues its reign throughout this life,
Always the hard road, never ending strife.
You take the road, I'll take the cliff and finish first,
Take the food and drink, I'll take the starvation and thirst.
Heaven waits for you, get your wings ring the bell,
All that awaits me is the burning cold of hell.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 5
Soldiers Death Bed
A simple soldier lying in a bed,
The doctors say he's gone, the doctors say he's dead.
But I can hear his warrior cry,
Of this is not my time, not my time to die.
Just give me a little more time to prove I will defy,
Death on my doorstep, I will survive.
As he rises from this impossible hospital grave,
Thinking only of the people he will save.
He shall cry out to his forefathers and let them know out loud,
That I am not done yet, that I will do them proud.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 5
Desire and hell -cm 4/15/13T
Desire and hell -cm 4/15/13
The pain shared by a million shattered hearts
comes no where close to the pain I share in my art
memories within play over and over again
repeating the same mistakes, reliving the same sin
empty now my heart must seem to be
simply because I won't let anyone near me.
Torterous my tongue is to those I condemn
wounds ripped open again I will never let mend
I am your desire, I am your everlasting hell
no need to tell me your fears, those I can smell
sell me your soul and I'll show you the hole that is mine
this darkness within grows until it consumes all of time.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 0
Seething Wind
Crushing thoughts barrage my mind
teeth and bones I begin to grind.
Darkness flows from deep within
seething forth this raging wind.
Flashes of red cross my sight
buried skeletons deep in the night.
Silence insues the furious hate
frantic movements the hands of fate.
Blinding, Binding, anger ties
shadowy souls from within arise.
My demons gain control, nothings safe
the person I was, a caged wraith.
Locked inside whats become a living hell
its been buried so long its hard to tell.
The releases required corroded in acid
nothing left but a broken soul limp, flacid.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 0
Its Red, white, and Blue
Its Red, white, and blue
The pride of one country a flag, tis true.
Wars were fought and people died
Their families grew closer as they cried
Some may forget altho they should not
Those men and women who for freedom fought.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 2
Day By Day, Tangled Up In You, Flaws Unspoken
Day By Day
Dying inside Day by day for all the things that I could say to make you stay
I'd give my life up a million times for one more day with you to prove my undying Love, inside my heart cracks and bleeds tears burning my soul with their never ending passion for you and still I am shunned, exiled from the feel of your light on my face, your voice so sweet and caressing in my ears,with held from the warmth of your smile and the Spark of your touch that ignites the fires within me that burn for you so fiercely that Nothing can douse their flames I cry for not being able to hold you in my arms and show you that together we have the strength to make it through the darkest of perils so long as we're side by side You're my rock and I am yours and when one of isn't strong enough to stand We lean together and let the weight of ourselves hold us up while we gain the strength we lost and gather new strength to carry us further into the life we deserve and can make with each other.
Tangled u
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 3
muh ugly mug2 by Azmodeus muh ugly mug2 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 6 muh ugly mug1 by Azmodeus muh ugly mug1 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 3 me6 by Azmodeus me6 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 6 me5 by Azmodeus me5 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 1 me4 by Azmodeus me4 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 1 10 me3 by Azmodeus me3 :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 0 1 Loki by Azmodeus Loki :iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 3 7
All for none
When we can't take anymore
we want to die, to lay on the floor
full of contempt, full of sorrow
we want the end to come tomorrow
with these thoughts so twisted, so dark
our fires are gone, no ember, no spark
into the maddness slowly we spiral
into thoughts so violent, corrupt and so viral
Painful wounds ripped open again
hurts and sores no hand can mend
memories drawn from deep in mind
bound and tormented these thoughts do bind
wanting this life just to be done
this pain and these thoughts are all for none.
:iconazmodeus:Azmodeus 3 10


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What if Tomorrow Never comes?
United States
Current Residence: Where Everyone Wants to be, Where no one else is...
Favourite genre of music: from Opera to Death metal
Favourite photographer: PICTURES!!!!!
Favourite style of art: macabre
Operating System: the system I am operating
MP3 player of choice: The little box in my head that plays music
Shell of choice: Chocolate
Skin of choice: Yours will do nicely
Favourite cartoon character: Captain Cave Man
Personal Quote: To Laugh is to Live, To Live is to Love, so Laugh at Love and Live Life
  • Listening to: Always - Bon Jovi
  • Reading: between the lines
  • Watching: time slip away
  • Playing: with the strings of your hearts
  • Eating: Souls with a side of sorrows
  • Drinking: Green toxicity in a bottle
I long for the mountains so fertile and green,
It has been so long since I have been home it feels like a dream.
This place has a beauty all its own,
But, its nothing compared to the beauty of my home.
Trees ever green, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams,
I miss my mountain home so much I could scream.
The trees so green or the bare stone,
This place I call home can chill to the bone.
Even in the dead of winter blanketed in white,
This place I yern for frees me from strife.

Maybe more will come to me later on this.. what started out a journal has become a poem of the place I miss. Summertime in the mountains of northwestern Washington  there is no place like it that I have been as traveled as I have come to be deep in the forested mountains of washington is the only home for me.


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